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Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy policy and data processing

Technical data collected during navigation

The data collected at https://www.galvanotecnica-alghisi.com are necessary to ensure a full operating website, providing users with the best navigation experience. This is possible by collecting some technical navigation data. These data are collected anonymously and never used, in any case, to identify users.

Here is a list of the main information collected:

  • time and length of visits
  • URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the required pages
  • status Codes (301, 404, 500, etc.) that indicate the server response
  • operating systems and environments (desktop, tablet, etc.) used by visitors

Data provided and their treatment

Contact form

Some areas of the site, such as the contact form, require the inclusion of certain information such as name, phone number and e-mail address. The sending of such information by the user entails their subsequent acquisition by https://www.galvanotecnica-alghisi.com, necessary to reply to requests. Required fields are necessary to respond efficiently to messages. The processed data will not in any way and in any case be transferred to, or shared with third parties, except for reasons as expressed in the users messages, and in no case without prior consent.


As required by Directive 2009/136/EC of the UE Council and Parliament on users’ rights relating to online communications services, we would like to inform users about the type and use of cookies.

Types of cookies and processing

There are several types of cookies. There are technical cookies, which are intended to track browsing preferences, or to optimize the display of content based on the operating system technical specifications and devices. Analytical cookies, on the other hand, are the ones used to detect and aggregate data for statistical purposes. In this regard, http://www.galvanotecnica-alghisi.com makes use of third-party analytical cookies (i.e.: Google Analytics) to obtain aggregate data on user navigation for the sole purpose of analyzing website performance. The data is collected anonymously and in any case are used to trace the user’s identity.
How to disable cookies
To disable cookies you can set your browser’s preferences to prevent the latter to accept the installation by the site you are visiting.
Instructions for disabling cookies may vary depending on the browser. For detailed instructions on how to manage them, we provide the official guides for the major browsers:

We remind, however, that such limitations could undermine the user experience not only of https://www.galvanotecnica-alghisi.com, but also of many other sites you are visiting, since cookies are an integrated standard on most contemporary web sites.

Traffic analysis

This Site uses tools for the statistical analysis of aggregated traffic data, such as Google Analytics and WP-Statistics. Data are collected anonymously and are used for the sole purpose of monitoring certain inforomation on incoming traffic on the website, including the following:

  • total number of visitors for a given period of time;
  • duration of visits and main browsers used;
  • main pages visited

Data are stored for 14 months, after which period they are deleted from our systems. As for Google Analytics Privacy and Cookie policy, please refer to the section “Types of cookies and their methods of treatment” contained in this Privacy Policy. As for the compliance of the statistical analysis systems used by the Site with current GDPR regulations, please refer to their respective Privacy Policy:

Rights of the interested parties

According to EU GDPR Regulation n. 2016/679, the User has the right to oppose, in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons, to the treatment and may, within the limits laid down by the applicable law, ask for the following: confirmation of the existence of personal data concerning him, and know their origin; intelligible communication; information about the logic, the modalities and the purposes of the treatment; data updating, rectification, integration, deletion and transformation into anonymous form; data blocking, to be processed in case of violation of the law, including those data no longer needed to pursue the purposes for which they were collected; more generally, the user can also exercise all the rights recognized by the law in force, by submitting their requests to: Galvanotecnica Alghisi S.r.l., Via Fantone, 3 – 25031, Capriolo (BS) Italy

Changes and updates

This information may be subject to periodic revision and/or updating, in compliance with any subsequent amendments, additions and/or updates of the regulations currently in force, or as a result of changes in the conditions of the services offered on the site http://www.galvanotecnica-alghisi.com. Data treatment performed by Galvanotecnica Alghisi S.r.l. is governed by the current version of this information (see the date at the bottom of the page).

Access to services and their use following the entry into force of such modifications, implies acceptance of the constraints provided by the new version of this Information note.

Last update: 06/09/2019.

Holder of treatment

Galvanotecnica Alghisi S.r.l.
Via Fantone, 3 – 25031, Capriolo (BS) Italia
VAT Number: 04122450986
Tel: +39 0302080123
Email: info@galvanotecnica-alghisi.com